Editorial Team

Sng Geng (Editor November 2014 - )
Geng brings a student's perspective to the Editorial team. He writes extensively, and was awarded the runner-up prize for the Cambridge Marshall Society essay competition and a distinction for the IEA's Dorian Fisher Memorial Essay competition.

David Hochfelder (Editor November 2014 - )
David is a historian of technology and capitalism. He is the author of The Telegraph in America, 1832–1920 and is working on a book about the history of thrift. Before studying History, he was an electrical engineer working in the electric power industry. During his PhD at Case Western Reserve University, he served as a researcher at the Center for Regional Economic Issues. He is interested in forward-thinking topics like ecological economics, and the implications of technology-driven productivity gains for the future of work, livelihood, and wealth distribution.

Neil Lancastle (Editor November 2014 - January 2015)
Neil is a Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, teaching finance and accounting. His research interests include currency markets, stock-flow-consistent economics and financial regulation. Before joining academia, he worked for a variety of investment and pension fund managers. He has an MBA in Technology Management from the Open University, and studied Natural Sciences then Social and Political Sciences in his first degree at Cambridge. 

Diana Nefiodow (Editor November 2014 - )
Diana has a Masters (German Diploma) in Theology. Her interest is the interface between macroeconomics and ethics, including understanding growth through religion, values and morality; centering economics on the person, particularly their holistic being; and taking account of society and ecology.

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