Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Post-Crash, CSEP and Rethinking Economics met with MPs and Economists on 5th Feb

Rethinking Economics, the Manchester Post-Crash Economics Society and the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP) met with MPs and economists at Portcullis House on Weds 5th February:

Rafe Martyn (CSEP), Maeve Cohen (Post-Crash) and Yuan Yang (Rethinking Economics) spoke about the history of the groups, the problem with a narrow focus on neoclassical economics, our position on curriculum reform and the INET CORE Project, and the national and international campaigns for curriculum reform.

Other Attendees
Alex Andrade (SOAS), Adrià Porta Caballé (University of Essex), Alicia Krozer (CSEP), Neil Lancastle (University of Leicester), Diana García López (CSEP), Hoang Nguyen (UCL), Marco Schneebalg (CSEP), Daniele Tori (University of Greenwich), Sam Wheldon-Bayes (SOAS), Preeti Varathan (CSEP).

The economists and MPs present included Michael Burke, Victoria Chick, Caroline Lucas, Michael Meacher, James Meadway, Jo Michell and Özlem Onaran.

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