Friday, 4 April 2014

Our aims, who we are, why we act

Our aims

Last updated through consensus at London Strategy Day, 2013/08/04

ACADEMIC: To bridge disciplines within and outside of economics; to advance neglected but critical economic perspectives and methodologies; to promote collaboration, humility and ethical practice in academia.

EDUCATIONAL: To demystify economics as a technical science, building open and collaborative communities of economic thinkers. To expand the creativity and social awareness of our future economists and citizens. To bring the basic tools of economic analysis into the hands of all of us who participate in a society shaped by economic forces.

POLITICAL: To equip us all with the ability to organise effectively, and to get economics students and academics to recognise their roles and responsibilities as political actors within their institutions and within wider public life.

Who we are

Rethinking Economics is an international network of young economics students, thinkers and writers who are organising to create fresh economic narratives to enrich the predominant neoclassical narrative. We aim to demystify and diversify economics in the public eye; to educate ourselves and other students in a more reflective economics; to inspire divergent economists to engage with one another in debate; and to promote a politics of responsibility with academic economists.

Why we act

REIMAGINE our economy: We are thirsty for new ways of thinking. We want an economics that equips us to imagine alternative economies.
RETHINK your economics: Economics as it is widely taught does not reflect the economy we are living in. We need to ask new questions to get new answers, and we need a greater diversity of ideas in economics.
REDEFINE the debate: We deserve new narratives and new responses to the economic, environmental and social crises developing on our planet.

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